Mandeville Day 6…

Lolo and Lola get to watch Josol Boy at home. The series of B&W photos are from earlier this week. This set really shows Josol Boy personality and how he lives having fun.

Its been a great week here at our kids new home at Mandeville. These guys both work so hard for their family and it shows. 

Mandeville Day 5…

Wifey and I went over to the French Quarters, beignets and nose piercings!

We stopped by Cafe Du Monde after parking at our normal public parking area. The thunder and lightning storm rolled in right as we sat down at our table and it was raining cats and dogs. We had good seats away from the restaurant edges, this prevented us from getting splashed from all the downpour but still a good view of the tourist running for cover, slipping and sliding all over the place. Cheap entertainment.

After walking around taking some random photos I remembered wifey wanted to get her nose pierced so I started asking the local stores if they knew of any services in the surrounding area. We got super lucky in finding a place in the French Quarters that had an opening and was very clean and professional. The employee “Dillon” must have changed his freakin’ rubber gloves at least 10 times during the process in which he explained explicitly before performing the piercing. This place was damn good.

Wifey all smiles after getting her nose piercing. She’s been wanting to get this done ever since she turned 50. It’s close to 8 years overdue.

Mandeville Day 4…

Fathers Day! I can’t remember the last I spent Father’s Day with my daughter. It had to be when she was still living at stockton. That many years ago!!

One of Mallory’s dishes I really like is her jambalaya, guess what we had for dinner?

Mandeville Day 3…

We all woke up extra early for a morning Fontainebleau State Park family photo session. A couple things to consider while shooting here is the weather and humidity. Having perfectly groomed hair is not going to last very long.

We planned a few spots for our location but ended up using only one of them. The shade provided by the giant oak trees covered in Spanish vine was a perfect light diffuser. Even though I brought speed lights for off camera flash I didn’t have to use them. There were a few shots where the angled rising son created a cool rim light.

Had breakfast at a local joint called Liz Where Y’at? I read about this restaurant in on of the Yelp reviews. It had favorable words about the fried chicken so I had waffles and fried chicken. Everyone has some type of traditional breakfast selection.

Mandeville Day 2…

I took off early this evening to do some sunset shots. I’ve seen photos from local photographers and kinda got the idea and angles they were using. There are some good angles at the beach but your going to have to go in deeper to pull something different than the common sandy beach shot.

These shots were taken going in foliage, unfortunately I didn’t bring my flashlight so I had to leave before it became so dark I’d be stepping on some alligators head or walk into a hanging dangling snake.

The old brick building is the remains of the sugar mill. Not much left after being weather beaten throughout the years. It is one of the historic markers in Mandeville. These are the others recognized markers.